About Us

Seed Planet are proud suppliers of an immense variety & quality of Chilli Seeds.   We have over 100 varieties of chilli seeds currently in stock with a further 450 varieties growing for next year including some of our own in house crosses.

Seed Planet is based in Cyprus and we also have a base in South Wales, UK, and have evolved from our interest & enthusiasm in growing our own produce.   

We have over 4 acres of land with rich loam soil just 200m from the sea and our climate is classed as sub tropical so we can grow all chillies throughout the year. We have a number of polytunnels where we also grow many varieties. 

Whether you are an experienced gardener or a novice growing our seeds will produce
great plants and fruits, giving you great satisfaction.  All our seed packages
are packed with care and posted direct to your door.  So choose Seed
Planet and watch your chillies grow!