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Welcome to Seed Planet and our Chilli Seed Selection

Welcome to Seed Planet, our aim is to give you the opportunity to buy all the seeds you need to make your gardening and cooking experience more exciting and spicier. We grow our plants in the Mediterranean climate of Cyprus & produce a vast variety of chillies, some of which are exceedingly rare! Seed Planet also has exciting varieties of fruit & vegetable seeds for you to purchase

Latest Chilli Seeds Added

Latest Chilli Seed Collection

Each year we are producing more and more varieties of Chillies The seeds produce fabulous eye-catching plants which you can grow in the garden, tubs, balconies etc, as well of course as providing you with an excellent kitchen ingredient.

Rare Chillies

Our range of Chillies provides you with stunning looking and a huge variety of tastes from the Bhut JolokiaAji Charapita and Buena Mulata.

If you are looking for the worlds hottest chilli seeds, check out our Carolina Reaper Seeds and later in 2022 we will have Mustard, Orange and Purple Carolina Reaper seeds for sale.

Variety Chilli Seed Packs

If you are finding it hard to choose which chillies to grow, purchase one of our variety packs, red, yellow, mixed chillies, hot, mild, etc. and you will not be disappointed.